Do you customize?

Yes. Kindly accomplish a contact form found in the contact us tab and provide the following details:

  • Size (Length x Width x Height in inches)
  • Design/ Layout (pdf, ai, psd, tiff or any layered file)
  • Material/ Paper Type (i.e. carrier board, clay coat, chipboard) or what you plan to put inside
  • Desired Quantity (minimum quantity starts at 3000pcs but may increase depending on your requirements)

If you are not familiar with the paper type, kindly inform us on what you plan to put inside the packaging so we can recommend for you.

If you don’t have a design, let us know what you want and we can create a design for you for a minimal fee. 

Lead time is approximately 4 weeks but may increase depending on the current schedule. We strongly advise to book your orders early to avoid delays. 

A customer sales associate will contact you within 48 hours after you send ALL the required information. No quotation/ price will be provided for incomplete details.